Data Intuition Training : Better Decisions and Results

Are you able to use data to gain a competitive advantage?
Does your data help you think outside the box?
How do you know you are solving the right problems?


Leaders and their teams are faced with increasingly complex decisions, that require a balance of information and intuition.  Our training workshop gives you and your colleagues the opportunity to understand and activate Data Intuition in your organization, to make better decisions and achieve greater results.

Learn How To
  • Activate Data Intuition within your organization

  • Focus resources to achieve better Data quality

  • Improve the effectiveness of strategic decisions

  • Discover your balance of intuition and information

  • Encourage innovation through hypotheses-driven design

  • Stimulate collaboration around the right questions

  • Boost customer satisfaction and employee morale

You should attend this workshop if you and your team need to:

Foster Innovation

Improve strategic decision making​

Collaborate around data to drive better business results

Our Trainers

The workshops are led by experienced professionals who have a deep understanding of analytics, enterprise solutions, web development, program management, creative visualization and collaborative problem solving.  


We have built and managed global product engineering teams, delivered internet marketing services to a variety of industries, and provided organizational transformation services across continents.

  • What is Data Intuition

    • Decision making

    • Our analytical and intuitive mind

    • Information and Intuition in an organization

    • Benefits of Data Intuition

  • Common Obstacles to Data Intuition

    • Individual / Group / Organization / Society /Humanity

    • Data Quality

    • Culture

    • Organizational misalignment

  • Activity : Participants identify specific obstacles to Data Intuition

  • Ways to overcome common obstacles

    • Alignment vectors

    • Goal & purpose

    • Adjusting information and intuition vectors

    • Rapidly prototyping solutions

  • Activity : Activating Data Intuition in the organization

  • Closing and Reinforcement

Workshop Format
  • Duration : 6 hours

  • Max attendees : 25

  • Onsite, at your location

  • Materials provided by DataIn2it