Before launching into big data, get small data right first!

There’s a ton of hype around Big Data – it’s been there for years, and the crescendo has been steadily building. IDC forecasts the worldwide Big Data technology and services market to reach $48.6 Billion by 2019! That's huge!

However, before your organization commits valuable resources of time, money and effort towards a Big Data initiative, ask yourself this vital question :

Before we tackle Big Data, have we got Small Data right?

Specifically, do we have the culture, processes and infrastructure to enable people to:

  1. Frame the right question

  2. Develop robust hypotheses and test these through specific data experiments

  3. Derive relevant insights that are impactful to our business objectives

Easier said than done! Most organizations would be well served to pause and assess this capability, and start small to build up their analytics muscle.

We will explore these aspects of developing an analytics culture, and related topics, in future posts!

Welcome to the Data Intuition blog.

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