Every organization is a unique living entity, and its Data Intuition - the ability to integrate information and intuition - is one of its defining characteristics. We use a set of tools and processes based on proven research and standards that allow us to measure your organization’s data intuition. These diagnostic tools are exposed through a collaborative process of discovery based on your organization’s needs.


We use a wide range of methods in our diagnosis, which may include individual and group interviews, surveys and creative interactions. We are skilled at using a blend of formal analytical research methods, along with creative engagements to evaluate your organization’s Data Intuition.


Effective Strategic Decisions

Faster Product Development

Data-driven innovation

Optimized Prioritization

Improved data quality

Increased Operational Efficiency

Ask the Right Questions

Data Intuition Diagnostic

How good is your Data Intuition?

Successful companies are good at connecting with customers effectively, delighting them with excellent products and services, achieving operational efficiency and maintaining a distinct advantage over competition. All of this doesn’t happen by accident. It requires a culture that consistently enables good decisions.


Good decisions come from good information AND good intuition!


Organizations that have mastered this balance of information and intuition truly stand out and become leaders in their field.


Has your organization found this balance? Or are you struggling with cumbersome analytics initiatives and hit-or-miss decision making?

How we measure Data Intuition

Data Governance

Find out how to make good decisions by performing a Data Intuition Diagnostic for your organization. We combine industry standard frameworks with elegant technology and creative collaboration to perform a detailed assessment of your data management, analytics and decision making capabilities. This is done across 11 specific dimensions and can be conducted at your location or across remote offices.


The Data Intuition Diagnostic will provide you with specific recommendations to help your organization make better decisions, through the right balance of information and intuition.

Data Quality

Data Architecture

Analysis and Visualization Capability


Cognitive Styles



Decision Making

Organizational Alignment

Project Management